Kahurangi Dance Company- Great!

 Mr McLellan welcomed the Kahurangi New Zealand Maori Dance Company from Hastings and from the moment they started their show the audience was captivated and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Today after morning tea time the whole school ran down in a straight line to the hall.  The reason was to see the amazing Kahurangi Maori Dance Company….  but before it started the kapahaka group performed.  I’m in the kapahaka group, so I had to go into the group instead of going where my class was sitting.  I saw Jake looking at me the whole time.  The names of the performers were; Sam, Aroha, Isaac, Livvy, Reha, and Shavella.  It was cool.                         by Calvin

Today we saw the Kahurangi Dance Company.  One of my favourite parts was when Hatupatu ran into the wall and turned off the light!  All of the hakas were great, and fun to watch.  Some were even funny.  Hatupatu and the Birdwoman was ALL so funny.  Mrs S. thought it was scary!  When we were watching  it wasn’t scary for us.  We all had fun down at the hall and I had a great time.                                           by Trinity

Everyone  is so excited that we are in the hall waiting.  I can’t wait until the people come on stage.  Thump!  Thump!  Thump!  Wow!  Here they are, the Maori performers.  They have so cool outfits on.  I wonder what they are going to do.  As quite a lot of funny acts go by, there is a fun and laughter story.  Part of it was fabulous.  It was the legend of Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.  Hatupatu was wickedly funny.  He was galloping around all of the kids.  He had the Birdwoman sprinting after him, but then the two characters were across the hall from each other.  Suddenly Hatupatu poked his tongue out and we all laughed out loud.          by Natalee

 Today Room Six got to go to a performance.  The name of the group was the Kahurangi Maori Dance Company.  Their names were; Sam, Isaac, Aroha, Livvy. Reha, and Chavella.  One of my favourite parts was when Isaac said “Just yesterday Sam ripped his underwear.”  It was fantastic and funny too.     by Jake

Today the Maori Dance group came and performed for us at Fenwick School.  They were very clever with strings, because they made a waka and a whole heap more but the most thing I liked was when they showed us the weapons.  They were pretty amazing because one of the weapons you could not let go of.  It was a tiaha.  They were wearing skirts made of flax.    By Izak

Today a group called the Kahurangi Maori Dance Company came to perform for the whole school.  They had to come all the way from Hastings.  I liked their haka – but not when a tiaha almost hit me!  I leaned back as the stick came forward.  I sighed with relief in my head as the stick was pulled back like a fishing line.  There was a story called Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.   Hatupatu ran around the hall, desperately looking for a place to hide.  He hid among the teachers, pretending to be one.  Of course the Birdwoman found him.  He looked as terrified as a deer being chased by a leopard.  There was a story told with strings.  The strings were blue and pink.  There were wakas, statues, even whirlpools!  It was sad to see them go.        by Isabelle

Today there was a fantastic dance group.  The whole entire school came to watch.  It was called the Kahurangi Maori Dance Company.  I thought it was incredibly awesome.  I loved all of it, but the part I liked most was the pois, and the boy who was running round the place and sat on a chair to pretend that he was a teacher.  The leader of the group was running after that boy and on the way back the leader of the group stopped to look at Mrs S.’s camera.              by Imani

 This morning Room 6 and the whole of the school went to the hall to watch the Kahurangi Maori Dance Company.  The very first thing they did was the haka.  The next thing they did was a Maori legend.  It was called Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.  My favourite part was when Hatupatu ran around the school and pretended to be a teacher.  I thought the funniest part was when Hatupatu ate the stored birds and pretended to hurt himself.        by Adriana

Today the Kahurangi Maori Dance Company came.  I am going to tell you some parts of the show.  The Maori people did a haka and they also told some stories for us with movement in them.   One of the stories was Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.  The funny parts were when the chase began and Hatupatu was being chased by the Birdwoman.  He dodged and sent the Birdwoman flying into the wall.  Aroha volunteered some people from our school to come up and do some things with a stick.  They chose Jamie, Scott, and Mr McLellan.  They came up and got handed the sticks.  They had to copy what Sam did with a tiaha and make the same sound.  Next the girls were doing things with their pois.  They swung four pois at a time – two in each hand.  It was amazing!          by Jacob

This sunny Thursday the whole school came down to see the Kahurangi Maori Dance Company perform in the hall.  I felt nervous when they first came on stage.  I liked the bit when they introduced what they were going to do.  They did Maori legends and myths.  I thought the bit when the sticks came out was a bit scary.  Jamie, Scott and Mr McLellan got invited up to try and do the same thing as Sam did.  The bit that I thought was funny was when the Birdwoman chased Hatupatu around the hall.  My favourite bit was when Reha, Livvy and Shavella came up and did the dance with the pois.  I enjoyed all of the performances that we watched.  It was cool to discover what they learned at  their Maori Dance School.         by Cleo

Today Room 6 rushed like cheetahs down to the big school hall.  All kapahaka people went to the front.  Just then strange people popped through the door.  I liked the story of  Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.  I liked when Hatupatu ran into a hard wall.  I liked another part when Aroha said,”Yesterday Sam ripped his pants.”  I felt awesome.  I wanted more, but it was time to finish.  I wish we could do it all night and day.   by Peleki

We were all very excited.  A performance was being held in the hall.  The Kahurangi Group  was the centre of attention.  Their performance topic was the Maori legends and myths.  One legend was Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.  That one was really funny because Hatupatu ran around the school trying to get away from the Birdwoman.   Near the end some different tools were shown to us —  pois, a tiaha, sticks, strings, and the guitar.  Reha, Shavella and Livvy chose three boys to come up on stage.  The boys were Jamie, Scott, and Mr McLellan.  They tried to copy a noise Sam did, but it didn’t turn out well.  Riha, Livvy, and Shavella twirled pois, two in each hand, and they were going the other way from each other.  Hatupatu laughed, and poked his tongue out at his brothers in the legend Hatupatu and the Birdwoman.  When Sam and Isaac were using spears Isaac pointed his at me.  It looked like their spears might actually get someone.  When the girls were spinning their pois I was thinking that they might hit a Room 12 child.   Isaac  and Livvy made a star-shape  with the strings and they told a story with the strings.  They are really talented people.  People wanted them to stay.      by Gracie





Process Drama with Evelyn- Learning through feeling, focus, dialogue and action.

On Thursday and Friday the middle and senior syndicates were ‘hooked into’ the early settlers period and world through a wonderful range of drama based activities. Evelyn Mann an extremely clever and inspiring educationalist entered our classrooms and the fun, focus and action began! (A very valuable learning experience for both children and teachers).

Later in the day during written language a few children  began diary writing inspired by our drama session when they had completed their previous writing task.

Dear Diary

DAY ONE: Tonight on the ship was a peaceful night.  People were writing in their diaries, some were sleeping too.

  Just now there was a tremendous noise above deck.  There is a storm!  Sailors are sprinting around like grasshoppers trying to keep the ship under control.  Noboby is up the rigging or in the crow’s nest.  Some people below are vomitting.

DAY TWO: The storm has died down and sailors are up the rigging letting the sails catch the wind…

by Jacob

Dear Diary

Tonight we hear the sound of the ghostly wind echoing above deck.  I feel a shiver running up and down my spine.When I look around the room I see absolutely nothing because there are no lights….

by Abbey

Dear Diary


Today I stepped onto the sailboat that’s going to take me to New Zealand.  I am making friends really quickly.  There’s a girl that I’m friends with whose berth is right beside ours.  Her name is Mary Richards. She has 6 brothers and 2 sisters.  Down here where we are living is stinky, smelly, revolting and very stuffy. My little brother is sick with diarrhoea and asthma. 


Today is washing day. The men have even got their hands in a washtub.  At twelve o’clock we had prayers.  For dinner we had broth, boiled rice and salted meat. It was disgusting.

by Gracie.

Remarkable Recounts re Ripper Rugby

SAM_1380-1On Monday afternoon Room Six ran down to ripper rugby.  We were greeted by Ben and Murray.  I was so excited!  When we were down on the field, they told us to put on some belts and line up.  I got put into green team.  I was with Calvin, Cleo, Gracie, Chevron, Jake and Imani.  Then we all sprinted across the field for some action.  We were versing yellow team.  We started.  My heart was beating as Murray passed the ball to me.  I ran super fast to the try line, sidestepping and dodging the other team.  Finally I dived for the try line.  I got up and cheered.  Jake gave me a high five.  Now Haarlem was running so fast that he became a blur, but I grabbed his rip.  Then the team retired and Haarlem passed the ball to someone in his team.  I tried to rip the person, but I fell instead.  Just then our teacher told us to line up, but that didn’t matter.  I still had a fun day!
by Jacob

Yipee, it’s time for ripper rugby!  Room Six went down to the bottom field and then we got into teams before we played rugby.  Ben put us in teams.  I was in purple.  Then we played rugby.  I scored two tries.  When someone in the other team got ripped, we had to take five steps back.  At the end, Ben kicked the ball into the middle of the field and we ran as fast as we could.  Isaac grabbed the ball and ran as fast as he could to the try line.  My team won rugby.
by Gregory

Yesterday we all ran down to the hall.  Ben picked out teams.  Trinity, Calvin, Teangai, Millie and Patty were in my team.  The colours were purple, yellow, green and black.  We got a lot of tries.  I scored three tries, Teangai scored two tries, Calvin scored two tries, Patty scored one, and Millie scored one.  Black and green got into the semi-finals.
by Johnny

On Tuesday Room Six trotted to ripper rugby.  I zoomed on my belt.  My team was green.  Each team had different coloured tags.  I had the colour green.  The game started and I ripped Chevron’s belt off and threw it down.  Then I got ripped.  I passed the ball to my team mates.
by Isaac

It was in the hall.  All of Room Six was doing it.  Once we got in there we lined up.  The yellow team and black team went first.  The yellow team got a rip.  The black team got a try.  I said “Yay” to my team.  The purple and black versed each other.  “Yes!” I said, “the purple team got a big try.”  I versed the yellow team next.  I said “Go Abby!” but she didn’t get a try, so she passed it to me and I got a try.  Then the yellow team had to go off the court.  The black team came on.  We ripped five off the black team.
by Ciara

On Monday afternoon Room Six walked happily down to ripper rugby.  I was in the yellow team.  There were different colours.  They were red, green, yellow and black.  It was hard to get a score on the other side of the field.  Johnny could dodge the other team easy-peasy.  We versed green.  It was really hard.  Soon we changed over teams because whatever team won had to go to the other side of the field.  My team didn’t win so we stayed on the other side they started on.  I had great fun versing red.  You have to pass backwards because if you don’t the other team gets the ball.  I LOVE ripper rugby! 
by Devon

Room Six walked down to ripper rugby.  We won ripper rugby.  I scored two tries.  I sat on the seat before they played to listen to Ben.  I passed the ball to my team and I scored two tries.  We won ripper rugby.  My yellow team won.
by Chevron

Yippee!  Time for rugby skills.  There were six people against six.  All of Room Six people went to rugby skills.  First we put on our belts.  Then we got put into groups.  I was with Calvin, Trinity, and Millie.  We had to retire when someone had been ripped.  Black team won.  We got ten tries.  Oh man!  Time to bounce back to class.  Thank you Ben!
by Peleki

On Thursday the cool class and their awesome teacher walked quietly to Ben and Christof.  We put on a belt and sat on the edge.  Then Ben put us in teams.  I was in yellow team.  Makaela, Ciara, Peleki, Johnny, Patty and I were in the yellow team.  We learned how to play ripper rugby.  It was easy when I did it the second time and then I knew how to play it.  I felt incredibly awesome.  We played outside in the shining sky.  When som3weone got ripped then they had to retire- that means you have to go back. You need to put the ball on the ground and not chuck it on the ground because if you don’t then you don’t get a try.  You need to pass back behind you.

by Imani

This week all of Room 6 tramped to  rough, ripping rugby.  Our coaches were Ben, Christof too!  My team members were Isaac, Gracie, Peleki, and Jacob.  The teams slapped their long fluffy valcrousey belts on.  So then we all smacked on all our flags. ” Our team were the All Blacks” I thought.  The skills you need are rip the people that have the ball.

by Natalee

Today I am so happy because Room 6 and one fantastic teacher is coming down to watch us play ripper rugby with two big boys.  First we had to put the belt on.  Then we lined up.  Next Ben told us to go to different lines.  The colours were green, black, yellow, blue and red.  Now I will tell you who was in my team.  It was Imani, Ciara, Devon, Peleki, Natalee and Lily.  Next we started the game.  We versed yellow team.  Ben said “Start now.”  Our team was going so fast that we got 6 and the other team got 5.  Then we had to go back to the line to see who was the champion.  Ben kicked the ball.  Lilly got the ball and scored a try.  Then the game was finished. We walked up our classroom. The bell rang and so we went  home.

by Makaela

Thursday afternoon was almost like a box full of fun threatening to break out for Room Six.  We really enjoy Ripper Rugby, so it was a shame when we were ten minutes early.  So we did some fun browsing box reading instead.  I would  much rather have been down there in the hall scoring a try than browsing box reading, but at least I wasn’t there falling over and breaking my arm.  Finally we went down. It was in the hall.  The people who taught us were Ben and Christof.  They told us to get some belts.  We were in the same team as the day before.  I was in the Maroons.  So was Ciara, Jessica, Abbey and Jake.  We were off first start.  Once that game was done we were on!  I almost forgot to say that we were on right side.  When the game started everything that happened never ended with an “OUT” because someone always got ripped, tapped, and passed.  I was complaining in my head “I never get passed to”, but in one of the games Abbey tapped and passed to me!  Unfortunately the ball bounced over to the other side of the court.  I felt disappointed with myself.  I know  I’ve got to work on catching the ball, running faster, and scoring tries.  But sadly that was my last chance.

by Isabelle

On Monday Room 6 skipped down to the hall for a few rugby games with Ben and Christof.  I was so excited!  First I walked out of line to get five black velcrose belts for my team.  There were four teams, Maroon, Green, Yellow and Black.  I was in Maroon.  The other players in Maroon were Abbey, Isabelle, Jake and Ciara.  We were in the finals.  I scored my first try.  I learnt to have no grounded ball.  You need to tap the ball to get a try.  You also need to pass backwards and rip the tags a lot so you get the ball.  We all had a fun time!

by Jessica

Our Timeline Assembly

Today Room 6 enjoyed hosting the school assembly. We presented a timeline showing change in New Zealand from the time before the Maori to the time when the early settlers had just arrived. Watch this space! (The children will write recounts of their experience to be inserted later next week.  I was very proud of the effort they put into learning their scripts and speaking clearly so the audience could enjoy the presentation.)  Unfortunately these photos were taken from a distance so it was very hard to get sharp pictures.

timeline assemblytimeline assembly1timeline assembly2timeline assembly5

Thank you Naomi

Where would we be without our very capable, child-centred, willing and caring support staff? Today was Support Staff Day across the country and an extra special time for us to show our appreciation.

There are so many ways Naomi helps both teachers and children in Rooms 6 and 7.  She has a delightful sense of humour and shows enjoyment and enthusiasm in her work and relationships with the children (and teaching staff).  Thank you Naomi for the many, many wonderful ways you help us.Cards for Naomi