Steampunk- Fenwick Challenge!

Our last Fenwick Challenge was a Steampunk Design activity where the children were asked to design a ‘steampunk raygun’. Here is a photo of the participants and their amazing creations outside assembly after winners were announced. Beck from our class is the right hand end of the photo.

The Steampunk Challenge Participants

The Steampunk Challenge Participants

4 thoughts on “Steampunk- Fenwick Challenge!

  1. Hello everyone, Those rayguns you made look fantastic. They look really good at the Forrester gallery.

  2. Am I looking at the present Sky High class? I remember that movie for superheroes. I think by imagination, the one holding the gun is Kurt Russell becoming old. The ray gun is totally cool especially the light.

  3. The kids are so lovely! I love the idea of steampunk designing. I use to make one of these fantasy weapons for cosplays. I never could have imagined such outpour of bright ideas and imagination from the likes of those little fellas.

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