Images! Teacher Challenge #5

Images  are what give a post life and ‘hooks the audience in’.   They are one of the most exciting elements of  the ‘blog’ genre of presentation.  It is absolutely wonderful to be able to showcase artworks, written language and action images in an accessible way for so many people to be able to view and in the case of a classroom blog,  offer a window into what is happening.   However,  they are also what drives this particular blogger  into a state of utter frustration and near to tears at times! 

I found the discussion on copyright extremely interesting and am pleased I didn’t give into the temptation, a few weeks ago of  inserting  into this blog some gorgeous photo-shopped pictures of the children in water environments.  The original pictures were definitely not from Creative Commons.  I find there are so many pictures that can be readily taken in the classroom that the need for accessing images from elsewhere is not a common problem for me.  I am grateful to be aware of the need to check  the copywright licence  and write an  attribute to the original author.

I use the Picasa programme to ‘crunch’ the pictures so they are a smaller file size to fit on the blog. Often the ‘make a collage’ option seems the easiest and quickest way to organise many pictures on one post. Here are some pastel pictures children drew of frogs later last year using this format. ( I have tried to put these pictures into a gallery format with 2, 3, or 4 columns but end up having a huge gap between the first row and the second. The next rows are neatly spaced but the post looks awful with the huge space between rows 1 and 2.  Why is this?  I would love to be a lot more knowledgeable about how to display images as I love inserting them in posts.)


8 thoughts on “Images! Teacher Challenge #5

  1. G’day Oona and students,
    They are fantastic pictures of Freddie Frog. When you uploaded the images did you upload them all as small or thumbnail or original size? This might cause problems when trying to create a gallery.

    If you check my 365 photo blog at when I display one image it is original size and that is postcard size in my camera – small.

    If I upload more than one for a gallery then I use small or thumbnail.

  2. Thank you Miss W
    I have just bought a new camera and will read up how to take small pics. I’ll try it out. I love your Australia Day window photos. There are SO many Australian images. What a neat idea for window displays.

  3. Oona, Wonderful Freddie Frog pictures. I just learned about the collage option in Picasa! It’s great. I, too, am learning to use smaller picture size. I didn’t know about the “crunch” so I will try it. But I think I better send smaller sizes to my Picasa album also — I just received a warning I’m using my quota limit on photos with my online account. That’s something to think about too. Do you use the “crunch” on your desktop and then upload to your account? Thanks!

  4. Hi Sheri
    Thanks for the ‘star’. (I loved reading about them on your blog).
    I find the collage option in Picasa so easy to use but is great to be able to use the gallery in Edublogs and others ways to display images. You have a wonderful variety of display options in your blog.
    I too got a warning early on, about using my quota limits with photos. I think that was because I wasn’t downsizing them and they took far too much memory. The format of my blog went ‘pear shaped’ because I was putting too much of a load in (I think).
    Picasa tells you how to downsize here.
    The ‘crunch’ bit happens when you are uploading your pictures to insert into the post. If you are unsure about what to do ask Edublogs because they are very helpful.
    Your blog is a real ‘stand-out’ and your passion and sincere feeling for the children bounces off the page. Teaching in an Indian Reservation school sounds intriguing and quite community based. I really like your writing ideas and will subscibe to your blog because the practical ideas are wonderful. Thanks Oona

  5. Hi Oona, it is really important to learn to resize photos as you said. Many people do not know how, so I am not sure what is the best way of getting the message across. One of my students filled up her blog quota in the first 6 months and had to start a new blog. She had use photos of a huge size. I find photos of approx 64 kb are good. What size do you like using?
    As to your gorgeous frog pics, when I look at them the top 4 seem smaller than the others. If you put them back into Picasa, do they have a large white border around the bottom and on the right hand side? If you remove them all together from the collage, write a ‘pretend’ post, add the new collage, save draft, preview, does the collage look okay. If so, you may need to crop or cut away all the white border that surrounds those first few. The other thing might be that they are a different width and length to your others. Are you able to change them all to the same size? Let us know how you get on.

  6. Hi Oona,
    I have the same problem with you. I don’t know how to put many photos together in edublogs. I usually creating a collage photo in Picasa like you did. I like your wonderful Freddie Frog pictures.

  7. A question on Picasa:
    If I have not been using these techniques, and my photos are too large and using up my quota, should I:
    1- export all my photos at lower sizes
    2- delete my current photos
    3- and then re-upload my photos at lower size?

    Is there a way to do this automatically in Picasa?


  8. Thanks for your kind words, and for your help with Picasa. I don’t like to use too many widgets — but I will let my students know that they can change them up to match the projects they share on their blogs. That keeps the blogs sidebars up-to-date too.

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