Fun on the fitness circuit.

Here we are ‘working out’ as we spend  a few minutes at each circuit station during our daily fitness session last week.  This week we begin our stamina building for the cross country competition in week 6.


13 thoughts on “Fun on the fitness circuit.

  1. Hi Room 6
    I really like having fitness.
    The station I like the most is the criss-cross station.
    They all get my heart pumping fast. The step together station helps me get my breath back.
    from Gracie

  2. Hi It’s Taylor here.
    I think fitness is good in the morning because it gets your brain going. It is fun fitness to practise for the cross country.
    from Taylor.

  3. Hi everybody
    I really enjoy fitness because you get fit but at the end you come into the classroom huffing and puffing. I really like fitness.
    from Jacob

  4. Hi everyone!
    I like the fitness circuit. The criss cross is pretty easy but it is hard work to learn it. Fitness is probably one of my favourite parts of the day.
    from Isabelle

  5. Hi everyone
    For our fitness we are getting better at doing criss crosses and step ups. I enjoy doing the curcuit.
    from Adriana

  6. Hi room 6
    I really like doing fitness. My favourite station is the step ups. The criss cross gets me tired. I like doing fitness because you get really fit.
    from Abbey

  7. Hi Makaela
    This is cool how we are learning. I love how we are in room 6 too. I know how to do most things in room 6 as well. Do you like how we are in room 6? Do you like learning? It is cool how we get fit. I’m nice and fit by doing that.
    Are you nice and fit? You are my bff. And you are cool too.

    from Ciara.

  8. Hi Ciara
    I enjoy doing fitness because you are getting your body fit.
    Do you like learning?
    Do you like fitness?
    from Makaela and Devon

  9. Hi ROOM 6.
    Fitness is so tiring to do but it is fun. When we finish I think I will faint. from Peleki

  10. Hi Natalee
    Being fit is pretty cool. Being a girl who is fit and heathly too. Don’t you love running around spending heaps and heaps of time with our class and others as well and our teacher. Do you know that you are one of my best friends and Makaela is too.
    from Ciara

  11. Hi room6
    fitness is so hard how do all of you do that. Its hard for me you must be so strong. you can all do it room 6 and so can i. and hopefully we get a pj party
    love Ciara

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